Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Svartalheim (Day of Adventure)

November 9th: Today is another beautiful day with low humidity. I tried to move a caterpillar walking across the sidewalk but he wasn’t interested. There was a smaller caterpillar walking up the wall near the other two chrysalises. There was this awesome but very scary looking spider on the soffit.

When I reached into my bag to pull a rune, I was drawn to three runes. I pulled them out and turned them over. The runes were: Berkana (birch, new beginnings), Fehu (cattle, prosperity), and Eihwaz (yew tree, protection). These are great runes and when pulled in combination are even better.

I had calculus today and got test #3 back. I got a 74. Considering there were several word problems. I have a difficult time trying to figure out where to begin. I am happy with my grade and my average is an 81.6. After I add the 5% for attendance I have an 86% average for the class. Today we started the topic of Implicit Differentiation. It just makes my head spin!

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