Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday - February 6th

Today was my first acupuncture appointment covered by the new insurance policy. Yeah! no more out of pocket payments. We had a great lunch with Linda and then went shopping. I bought a few things I just couldn't do without. I got a glass globe that I plan on using with I send global Reiki. Another item was a Lily of the Valley lotion pump. It is so beautiful I can't decide where I want to put it so that I can see it and use it. I also got two beautiful Italian masks. They are going to go in my bedroom with the masks from Port Orleans.

I did our taxes tonight and we are going to owe again this year. We knew that we were going to need two years before our finances would get better. This is the second year so next year will be different. We will finally be able to start putting money away again in 2009. It is good to have a plan.

Tuesday - February 5th

Today was a play day. What a fun day it was learning a new technique. Lunch was delicious - a big salad, fresh fruit and a veggie platter. I finished my pear in the car and made the steering wheel sticky! It was so juicy. Dinner was left overs and then we went grocery shopping. I think I will have to go to bed earlier tonight since tomorrow is acupuncture.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday - February 4th

Today was a very nice day although I couldn't go out because of the pollen. So I stayed inside and finished the laundry. We went to Outback with friends from Ohio. I ate according to my diet and felt good about it. It was a great evening out and we had such a relaxing visit. I am starting on my Valentine cards. I also figured out the swaps that I need to complete cards for. At least I feel organized now.

Sunday - February 3rd

Another beautiful day. Having this warm weather is such a treat but it also lulls me into a feeling that summer (that feels as if it begins in April) is here. Today was about being with friends and family. I went shopping at an Italian foods store with my neighbor and found wonderful treats! Then dinner and the football game. Fortunately there wasn't that much yelling and cursing. When that started, I went for the last channel button on the remote. Its nice that Eli's team won. Now both brothers have a ring. Too bad Tiki didn't stay for another year. Then he would have one like Ronde...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Saturday - February 2nd

I had a rough night last night. I had a cappuccino too late and was restless and finally went to sleep at 2:10. Then I slept wrong and bent my wrists. After about an hour they were throbbing so I got up. I walked around the house and settled in the library. I looked at different books and read a few pages from many books. I took a few Tylenol and I finally decided to try going back to bed at 4:30. There was a loud boom around 9:30 and woke us up. It shook the house and then there were quite a few helicopters and sirens. Nothing on the news so we don't know what happened.

What a beautiful day. I tried to sit outside and enjoy the sun but the pollen was too bad for me. I really love the warm weather and want to be outside as much as I can tolerate. I hope this is an indication that the spring is on its way. Although the groundhog saw his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter. That is never a good thing....