Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Niflheim (Day of Generating)

Today started with us looking for other damage around the house. Just like the last time we had a near strike, we lost some of our security alarm sensors. The GFIs in the kitchen, garage and casita were also knocked out. The generator started up fine and the sprinkler ran without any incidents. So that was the extent of the damage.

We also found out where the water sound was coming from in the road warrior. After the last big rain storm, I heard water sloshing back and forth depending on whether I was using the gas or hitting the brake. After yesterday’s storm there was even more water sounds. Apparently there was a drain under the car that was clogged. Once it was opened up, it looked like water coming out of a hose. I still cannot believe how much water was in there and I am so glad it is out!

I drew Eihwaz (yew) today. I associate this to the work I am doing in my classes, the more I put into them, the more I get out of them. This correlates with a tree – the deeper the roots, the higher the branches.

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