Friday, April 15, 2011

Jotunheim – Freya’s Day (Day of Discovery)

It started out being a bad day today. I had my mind set on going back to college to get my degree. The course schedule was available today and I could see my options. I realized I was so stressed with this decision. In the runes course the assignment was Change or Choice Oriented Spreads. In a reading by another student, she pointed out that I am looking at what I think my life should be instead of embracing the life that I have. It was an “A-HA” moment. Then I did my reading and it confirmed her reading. So I have reevaluated where I am in life and made realistic goals.

This is my overall impression from my reading: At first glance, all the runes in this reading appear to be negative. This is the first time I have drawn Berkana in the reversed position. So the opposite new growth is no growth – stagnation. This is exactly the way I have been feeling. With Nauthiz in the Hoenir/Vili position, I see I have been tested but I have identified the need. From this I have made a decision to move in a different direction. Ansuz in the Lodur/Ve position shows that my creativity should have a more important role that it has had. By having Isa in the Embla position I see that I have been frozen in place. Now is the time to change the shift of the ice and use its stillness to see the important things in my life. I have spent the day evaluating how I feel about myself and I like what I see. I am a strong and independent woman and I will use my creativity to fulfill my goals for the future.

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