Saturday, October 15, 2011

Muspelheim (Day of Vision)

 Today was a bad day. It started with Savannah Jane pooping in the kitchen after she went out for her morning walk. Then I opened the mail only to find out the insurance company still hasn’t paid a few of the claims. In fact, they denied the claim for the CT scan and one doctor’s visit because they want an explanation of benefits from Medicare. The problem is I don’t have Medicare… I have been fighting them about this since the beginning of August. I called the insurance company today and received a message that the computer system was undergoing maintenance and may not be able to answer all my questions. Then the customer representative came on the line and immediately launched into this speech that the system was not available and could I wait until Monday to call back. I was so angry I told her what was a few more days when they weren’t doing their job and paying the outstanding claims and then I hung up.

What should have been a really great week turned out to be terrible…

The rune I drew today was Ehwaz (horse).

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