Friday, October 21, 2011

Niflheim (Day of Generating)

My rune today was Gebo. It was so appropriate since it was our daughter’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful but cold. The theme was black and purple for the Baltimore Ravens. We went over about an hour before to take pictures. Amy wore a long flowing Goddess gown and Jesse worn a purple shirt with a black tie and black pants.

Jesse’s family is very nice. His aunt’s place had a pond and a few of the pictures were taken with it in the background. After the ceremony we all changed into warmer clothes. The food was great. We had pork bbq, baked chicken, baked beans, green beans with cranberries, cole slaw and chunky apple sauce. They danced to a few songs and then shared a cupcake.
 Instead of a wedding cake, Amy opted for a cupcake tower. She had chosen: red velvet, coconut crème, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

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