Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alfheim (Day of Openness)

Today was my appointment with the cardiologist. He wants me to have another stress test done in the next three or four weeks and then come back in two months. We came home and had breakfast. Our daughter called to say they were going to come over for a visit and swim. The granddaughters are so much fun. I went swimming with them until we heard thunder. They we came in and while they were playing with their grow pets. I made lunch (which was really scrambled eggs, bacon and toast). Then we made chocolate chip cookies and they played Twister. When the rain stopped, they got back in the pool.

My rune today was Othala (Ancestral Home). This rune is about inheritance and vows, stability and loyalty. To me this rune is about family (past, present and future). I am glad we have great relationships with our children and grandchildren.

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