Monday, August 8, 2011

Niflheim (Day of Generating)

Today started very early with a severe thunder storm. Naturally, the dog was not happy about it. I got up and took her out before the rain started. Then we went back to bed. Since we had leftover sauce and Canadian bacon, I made Eggs Benedict again. The rain began coming down in earnest. It was a steady rain without wind. The power began cycling on and off. Hopefully none of the appliances will suffer.

I paid for my calculus course today since it was the last day to pay. Now I am committed. The next step is buying the book and a calculator. After looking at so many calculators, I think I will need a class on how to use them.

The rune I drew today was Isa (ice, stillness) and seems to fit my day. It is quiet and with the rain coming down I feel still inside. I am going take this time to rest and enjoy listening to the rain.

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