Sunday, August 14, 2011

Asgard (Day of Understanding)

It’s another beautiful day until you open the door. It feels like an oven out there. I am glad we went to the grocery store yesterday so we don’t have to go out. There was thunder but without rain until later in the afternoon. I thought Jerry had hosed down the patio until I realized everything was wet. He has been going to the other side of the retention pond (where the turtles live) to spread milkweed seeds. In the past few days we have noticed more Monarchs flying around.

I spent some time this evening working on the next issue of The Oracle. Since I received several submissions already, I thought I would do my part too. That way, I won’t be rushing around hurrying to finish in time.

Today my rune is Algiz (protection). To me this rune looks like a bird track and I tend to interpret this rune as a way of marking my path. It is interesting to come across this artwork by Orna Ben-Shoshan today. The title of the piece is Trusting the Path. This is confirmation to me I am doing the right thing in following my dream. This is the artwork and article and can also be found on her website

Trusting the Path:

Trust your inner wisdom to guide you along your way.

Life is a framework of constant change. In fact, the steadiest factor is the everlasting shifts which happen on all levels all the time, from the subtle movements inside the structure of a solid rock, to the sudden and powerful geological shifts during an earthquake.

The most successful people are the ones who acquire a healthy power of adaptivity. They go through life calm and confident that however their circumstances may develop, they will be able to cope and see every change as an opportunity to grow. Showing flexibility and resourcefulness even at times when the future looks vague and you are heading towards the unknown. Laying the steps of your pathway as you progress with joy through life.

The painting “Builders” comes to remind us what it looks like.

Digital art printed on canvas
Date completed 2004

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