Monday, August 22, 2011

Asgard (Day of Understanding)

Today started off with a light breakfast and errands. I had to drop off my class samples before noon and use our coupon for 50% the filter for the refrigerator. When we got back home I thought it would be good to read the first chapter of my textbook then I looked at a few examples at Kahn Academy After a little lunch, I packed my back and left for my first day of school! I felt like such a kid!! We didn’t really go over anything substantial. It is a nice campus and I am really glad I am doing this. I spent most of the evening doing homework and reading the textbook.

Before I left for class, I pulled a rune. It was Laguz (water). This is a symbol of flowing – not just water but thoughts emotions. I knew this was a good sign because I would not run into anything hidden or submerged. Then I realized it is the letter “L” which to me stands for Lilith. As soon as I realized that, I felt so calm and knew everything would be fine.

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