Monday, May 9, 2011

Freya’s Day – Jotunheim (Day of Discovery)

Today I read this goddess devotional: The Goddess gives her secret treasures unto all upon her Earth. It is not the jewels, the silver and gold or the wealth man seeks that are her treasures. It the beauty and life of all existence that she bestows upon us that is her greatest gift by Lady Abigail© (05212010). I thought this was so true. People get caught up with having material things instead of having spiritual things. I will spend time today with this devotional while I meditate with Freya.

Today my rune is Jera – the rune of the harvest. This is a cyclical rune and shows me what I send out is what I will get back. It is important to stay positive in thoughts, speech, and actions. I didn’t see the Tortoise at all today but I did see two female turkeys. Tonight while we were out watching the International Space Station go by, we noticed a number of bats. They were flying between the nighthawks. When we came in the last time walking Savannah Jane a tree frog brushed across my husband’s face and landed on the wall. I don’t know who was more surprised! I coaxed him back out and he jumped out the door and onto the exterior wall.

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