Saturday, May 7, 2011

Svartalheim (Day of Adventure)

I must really have a message to learn today. I pulled a rune today and it was Wunjo. But this time it is completely reversed. I spent more time working on my projects. When we went out this evening, the two female turkeys and the big male were walking around. It is strange to see them walking around the houses. There has been a kite bird swooping over the neighbor’s house for two days now. It acts like it is hunting but we can’t figure out what it could be looking for. On our way our tonight, we drove past a pair of sandhill cranes. They are so majestic. We watched the International Space station cross the sky tonight. It appears as a bright speck and grows to be as right as the moon. Later we went back out to look at the moon. The two horn points were pointing up and the rest of the moon was sitting between them.

We watched two movies about Thor. The first was called Almighty Thor and it was awful. The second one was Thor: Hammer of the Gods. It was somewhat better but not by much. Freya had dark brown hair and a necklace of wooden beads. What was up with that? By the end of the movie only Thor and Sif were alive. Everyone else was killed. Freya was killed by a blonde version of Hel (who was wearing a shiny gold necklace!). It was all so wrong. It was all so wrong and I am sorry I watched them both.

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