Friday, May 6, 2011

Muspelheim (Day of Vision)

Today started off with a heavy rain. It was still so dark I thought it was a lot earlier than it was. I spent most of the day working on samples for two more classes. I wasn’t satisfied with two of them and had to start over. This afternoon we were graced with more wildlife sightings. The first was the big male turkey. The beard he has just amazes me. It really looks like hair. The second sighting was the large tortoise turtle we saw the other day. Today we heard a lot of noise near the casita. When we walked over to look at the downspout, we saw the tortoise. I wanted to see if it was a male or female so I reached down. It is a female and when I put her down, she took off. Now I know how the tortoise beat the hare in the race.

I pulled two runes today. The first for the outcome of the day was Wunjo. It was on its side so I didn’t really know how to read it. It wasn’t really reversed or upright. And the more I thought of it that was the way I felt today – not really happy but not really sad. The next rune I pulled was for the outcome of my publication submissions. The rune was Sowilo. One piece of my research states it is directed will and is used to visual your goals. This is the perfect answer to my question. Tonight the moon is just as beautiful as last night.

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