Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alfheim (Day of Openness)

Today is a better breathing day but I am coughing more. The vaporizer hung in for another night. In fact it worked better last night than the past few nights. Today the rune I pulled was Hagalaz (hail, transformation). It is the preparation for the coming storm. I cannot stop it from coming but I can be prepared for it. I am preparing for Stampfest by drinking Breathe Easy tea, using my salt inhaler and nebulizer and taking it easy again today.

I heard about a quilling blog from the North American Quilling Guild. This is the website:
This is an etsy website where people can sell their handmade crafts. The butterfly at the top of the page is amazing. Today I made a birthday card for my Sister-In-Law. I used the faux quilt technique and a birthday sentiment from the new Happy Birthday stamp set #416.

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Donna said...

What a lovely card, Dawn! Hope you have fun at SF! I'll be waiting to see your photos and descriptions. :-)