Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Muspelheim (Day of Vision)

I taught class today. I was a little leery because I didn’t know if I was really up to it or not. Since I didn’t think I should be driving so Jerry took me over. He helped me set up for the students and that was a big help. I had four students and they were very sympathetic to my illness. One woman was 91 years old – 91 Years Old!! She was amazing – she worked quietly and was the first one done. She told me she was recovering from a fall in September. She broke her hip and her shoulder. She was getting around so much better than I was! When Jerry came to pick me up he took me to McDonald’s. I told him I was having withdrawals! This evening I have felt so much better that I decided to go ahead with my Friday class since there were only two women in the afternoon.

Today the rune I pulled was Gebo (gifting, generosity, partnership). I see this associated with my teaching and Jerry helping as my partner. What a great rune to pull!

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