Monday, June 20, 2011

Vanaheim (Day of Nurturing)

I spent the majority of the day finishing my sample cards for July classes and the Open House. When I finished those, I sent my submittals to CardMaker Magazine for the March 2012 issue. The theme for this issue is Spring Flowers.

My breathing was not as good today as it was on Saturday. I took an Airborne and used my nebulizer (more nurturing. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. The rune I pulled today was Mannaz (mankind). This is the eve of the Summer Solstice. It is considered the halfway mark in the year. We are closing the door on the first half of the year and opening the door to the rest. Jerry told me to look out the back window. There were two large male turkeys taking a sand bath. They were sitting in the sand throwing sand over their bodies and then ruffling their feathers. It was such an awesome sight to see. I was glad that he told me to look.

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