Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vanaheim (Day of Nurturing)

Today was my rescheduled dental cleaning. The original appointment had to be rescheduled because of my difficulty in breathing. I let them know that I was still having difficulty but that it was better. Luckily everything went well. I will have to go back next week to have two fillings replaced.

Today my rune was Tyr (warrior, sacrifice). I take is to mean I was a warrior at the dentist. The sacrifice is that I need to start watching what I eat. Since I haven’t been able to exercise or even walk without being out of breath, I need to watch my food intact.

There was a young female turkey in the yard this evening. She was walking and eating disregarding everything else. I tried to get a picture but the flash kept going off and I couldn’t see anything because of the glare from the window. I spent the rest of the evening working on algebra exercises (complex numbers and quadratic equations). The quadratic formula is definitely something I need to remember. If only I knew where I put my index cards….

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