Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alfheim (Day of Openness)

Today is the end of June. We are at the halfway point in the year. What a day it has been. I had acupuncture today and it rained so hard almost all day. There were small gaps of blue sky between the large black clouds. I love looking at clouds watching them change all the time. I walked outside this evening and saw a small anole. It was green and trying to walk/hide at the same time. I think it gave up and stayed still hoping I didn’t notice.

My rune today was Fehu (cattle, property, and moveable wealth). It was interesting that I came across some videos on runic lore. I watched the first one for Fehu. The material was good but the narrator kept waving his hands and there was loud background noise making it difficult to hear at times.

I sent the Call for Submissions out for the First Harvest issue of the Oracle. The Oracle has been doing so well this year and now with the addition of Sara as assistant editor, my job is so much easier. While online tonight, I came across another quilling blog ( She makes beautiful jewelry. It is hard to believe that it is all made out of paper. I am glad I still have my quilling supplies out. I have been inspired.

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