Saturday, June 18, 2011

Freya’s Day – Jotunheim (Day of Discovery)

Today the rune I pulled is Isa (ice). The most obvious meaning of this rune is stillness or frozen in place. Usually this rune appears when a person has too much going on and needs to take a step back. That could be the origins of the saying “Chill out.” Another possible reason for pulling this rune today is I am working on winter cards on a 90 degree day. By having Isa (ice) with me today I will feel the “chill” of the ice.

I went into the closet looking for a particular stamp for the granddaughter’s birthday card. Before I knew it I was surrounded with stamps that needed to be organized. So I spend the rest of the afternoon putting things away. The afternoon was over before I knew it and I hadn’t accomplished anything on my list of things to do. I finally finished the birthday card and I know she will love it. I worked on samples for the July classes. I finished two after making six that I didn’t like. I knew I was trying too hard and decided to stop for the night. I worked on The Oracle. I have all the articles up. The only thing left is the introduction.

We had a great early Father’s Day dinner. Jerry went to the store and bought rib-eye steaks and lobster tails.  He grilled them outside while he steamed white corn and made me a salad. What a wonderful husband he is.

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