Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muspelheim (Day of Vision)

Well after four hours of sleep, I thought I would have a bad day but it wasn’t so bad. Having a hot shower really did help. Trying to fit two more pills in a day is a challenge. This pill cannot be taken within so many hours of taking that pill and so on… After doing laundry I was done for the day. Getting out of breath by doing laundry is sad. So I spend time looking through quilling books getting ideas for Cardmaker’s March issue. I forget how much I enjoy quilling until I look at it. I had to cancel class scheduled for Friday. I don’t think I will be well enough to teach. Hopefully, I can reschedule for next week.

Jerry brought me a beautiful turkey feather he found in the backyard. The gradient coloring and striping is amazing. Today my rune is Hagalaz (hail, ice seed, and transformation). This is a difficult rune. It warns of a coming storm that cannot be stopped. I can only prepare and address it when it comes. This is a rune destiny.

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