Saturday, July 9, 2011

Muspelheim (Day of Vision)

Day five on Prednisone. I am so glad our granddaughter let us sleep this morning. I really needed it after yesterday. I thought I was doing better so I thought I would try going out this morning to join them in the pool this morning. It was apparent very quick that the humidity was rising too fast and I had to go back in the house. The day was a continuation of last night’s sleep over. The caterpillars were all in chrysalis this morning. It was amazing to see the change that quick. One was still moving and you could see the skin of another laying on the top of a leaf.

After they came back in the house, we had cinnamon French toast with bacon and sparkling cranberry pomegranate juice. What a great breakfast! Then we moved to the family room to play a game called Headbanz. This is a plastic band that goes around your forehead and you place a card on it. The object of the game is to ask questions and guess what is on your card. It took me two rounds to realize the granddaughter was cheating but looking in the mirror. Then we played Guess Who until all the cards were used.

Then they were back in the pool. They got dive sticks out and then Jerry found the Frogmen I bought him ages ago. They are replicas of the ones he had as a little boy in the 1950s. You put baking powder in them and the dive and surface. It was funny to watch. We were packing her stuff to go back home when she declared she was starving and could we go back to Hardee’s. She liked eating in the restaurant instead of going through drive-thru and taking it home.

When we dropped her off and went inside her father told us that the others were at the hospital. The middle granddaughter jumped on a recliner chair, cracked her leg on the metal rod, and split it open. This is the same granddaughter that jumped off the sofa thinking she could fly when she was two and broke her leg. The outcome is five stitches. I guess that’s enough adventure for one day.

My rune today was Thurisaz (thorn in the side, giants). I would say this was definitely a thorn in the side. It is terrible when a little one gets injured even when you know there is nothing you could have done to prevent it. We played the what if game. What if we arrived at their house earlier that it wouldn’t have happened. I know that it would not have mattered. She was the one that skinned her knee riding the scooter down the driveway. I always refer to her as the Wild Child refusing to be domesticated. This is just another example of her wild outlook on life.

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