Sunday, July 10, 2011

Svartalheim (Day of Adventure)

Yesterday should have been the Day of Adventure with all the excitement. I am so glad I didn’t have any adventure today. It was just too hot for it. It is day six on the prednisone and I really think it is making a difference. My breathing is better if I could just get this crud out of my chest I know I would feel a lot better.

I slept like a rock last night and I know I really needed it. It seems as if my day got away from me. I had a plan of what I had to get done today and before I knew it the day was half over and the only thing accomplished was the laundry (although it did take almost all day). I wanted to start working on my cards I need to finish for the week – deadlines are looming. Hopefully tomorrow in Midgard I will get something finished.

My rune today was Berkana (new beginnings). I see this as so many things: school, classes, submittals, better health. These are all things to look forward to. It has been awhile since I have drawn this rune and it makes me feel good.

We woke up from our nap this afternoon to the sound of howls of distress. At first I thought it was a child but realized it was a dog or puppy. I think it got left outside and didn’t like it very much. I can’t say I blame him. It was just too hot. Tonight before we went to bed we checked the temperature (84 degrees) and the humidity (90 percent). The air is so thick.

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