Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vanaheim (Day of Nuturing)

Today is day two on Prednisone. The heaviness in my chest as already begun to lift. I drank a teapot of an herbal tea. It was a mixture of Breathe Easy and Gypsy Cold Care. That was my was of nurturing myself today.

I spent a lot of time on projects that needed to be completed. I finished the submittal to Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine. I had already colored the birds so I only had to complete each of the cards. I am pleased with the results.

Today my rune was Jera (harvest). This is a good sign to me. It means what I started will bring results. Since I have started so many things, I am not sure which what results I will see. Maybe this means I am finally on the road to good health. It is exciting just wondering.

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