Saturday, July 2, 2011

Svartalheim (Day of Adventure)

Today was certainly an adventure. The granddaughters (and baby grandson) came for a visit today. Since I am still having breathing issues I had to stay in the house. The older girls rode their razor graffiti scooters (there are three sticks of chalk on the back of the scooter) up and down the driveway. Of course the younger one wanted to go faster and you can only imagine what happened next. The door opens and I hear crying. I was pleased it was only a skinned knee. She was so upset and I think her pride was hurt more than her knee.

The project for today was Gallery Glass. I showed them how to make window clings (I made a dragonfly). Stevie made a Nemo fish. Sara made a rose, cat and butterfly. Samantha made a seahorse, peacock, and dolphin. Since it was the first time they have worked with this medium, I was very pleased. I hope they are all dry by tomorrow.

My rune today was Tyr (warrior and protection). This was a reminder that I needed to protect myself. Even though I wanted to go out and watch them swim in the pool, I stayed inside and watched out the window. I took the evening off from math and decided to play a computer game that I got from Big Fish Games ( Every week they list a game for $2.99. The game I played was Salem Witch Trials. It is an adventure/hidden object game.

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