Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vanaheim (Day of Nurturing)

I had a very bad night last night. I wasn’t able to go to sleep until after 4am. I do not know if it was a combination of feeling congested or s choking feeling in my throat. It made me very anxious and restless. I sat in the kitchen and watched the moon. I couldn’t believe how bright it was.

Today was my acupuncture appointment. What a better way to nurture myself than to have acupuncture and Reiki. Afterwards it was definitely time for a nap. My rune today was Gebo (gifting, generosity). This is a wonderful rune to pull. It is not only about giving gifts but also receiving them. Another way to think about it is you get what you give.

Today was also the Sparkle N Sprinkle blog hop and a first for me. This is the first time I participated as a hostess. I was pleased at the number of comments I received about the instructions. Since it was my first, I wasn’t sure how much information to include. The teacher in me thought it was appropriate to give detailed instructions so others could recreate it at a later date. Someone told me that after my first blog hop I would be hooked. Well, I think it is true. I am looking forward to the next one already!

We rode out to pick up some supplies I needed for classes. I got some pretty ribbon but I didn’t find exactly what I wanted. I did get some round plastic ornaments to decorate with the granddaughters. On the way on home, the moon was peeking out from behind wispy clouds. It looked like a painting it was so beautiful.

I need to start spending more time on it or I will not be ready for the calculus course next month. I spent the rest evening reviewing my algebra work.

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